Montana Jones

Montana Jones

Heritage Breeder

Rebel shepherd Montana Jones has been charged with numerous criminal offences after the CFIA killed her healthy heritage Shropshire sheep, including conspiracy and disobeying a regulatory order. If convicted, she faces up to 12 years in jail and fines of $1.5 million.

As a Farmed and Dangerous “AGtivist” for heirloom seeds and heritage breeds, her crime may be her dedication to preserving agricultural biodiversity. She raises endangered heritage livestock at her Wholearth Farmstudio in Northumberland County, Ontario.

Montana is also a watcher of whales, saver of turtles and writes about travel, food and farming. She is a recipient of the CBC Literary Award,Ontario Arts Council Writer’s Reserve Grant, with work appearing in EnRouteMind’s EyeThe Globe and Mail The Toronto Star,  Canadian Women Studies Literary JournalWatershed Magazine,  Edible Toronto and various other publications.

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Heritage Breeds

Rebellion Patio

AGtivist for heirloom seeds and heritage breeds, Montana’s dedicated to preserving agricultural biodiversity. Her story is one that’s hard to believe.