Kids Right to Know Club ~ Pollinator Parade

Kids Right to Know Club ~ Pollinator Parade

Rachel Parent, 17, is an environment and food safety youth activist, international youth speaker, mandatory GMO labeling and healthy food advocate. Founder of the non-profit organization Kids Right to Know, Rachel’s CBC Television debate with Kevin O’Leary has garnered nearly 8 million views on YouTube. Now a veteran of the media public speaking circuit, including TEDxToronto, she has spoken at rallies and events all over the globe, reminding young people that their voices can and do make a difference. She is a contributor to Huffington Post Canada and served as a panel moderator for primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall and Canadian artist Robert Bateman.

Earlier this year Rachel visited Monsanto Headquarters, confronting CEO Hugh Grant with serious questions. She also met with Canada’s Health Minister Rona Ambrose, as well as Health Canada’s top scientists and officials. Most recently Rachel landed a meeting with our current Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Jane Philpott (Canada’s top health official), advocating for mandatory GMO labeling for Canada. In addition to her website, Rachel can be found on Twitter @RachelsNews and on Instagram @rachels_news and @kidsrighttoknoworg.

Kids Right to Know Club Pollinator Parade

Cannon Deck Stage

Kids of all ages~bee sure to bring your wings and antennae, and join Rachel and friends for a “Protect Our Pollinators Parade.”  We’ll meet at the Fort gate and buzz on through the Vendor Village down to the stage for The Monkey Bunch!